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Introduction to Digital India Programme

The digital India initiatives took a broader dimensions in 1990s for citizen-centric services to implement e-governance. The major initiatives of GOI includes some major projects such as computerization of railway, land records etc. which was focused on the development of information systems. Following it, many states started ambitious individual e-gov projects aimed at providing digital services to citizens.

Though these digital projects were meant for citizens, these could make less impact on the life due to limited features. The isolated and less interactive systems caused major gaps that were hindering the successful adoption of e-governance along the broad spectrum of governance. These  clearly pointed at the need for a much more comprehensive planned implementation for the infrastructure which was required to be put in place, inoperability issues were to be addressed, etc. to establish a more convenient governance.

Vision of digital India Programme

The Digital Infra as a Utility to Citizen

  • Availability of high speed internet to all as a core utility for delivery of services
  • Cradle to grave digital identity that is unique, lifelong, online and authenticable to every citizen
  • Mobile phone enabling citizen participation in digital & financial space
  • Access for everyone to a Common Service Centre of government
  • Shareable private data on a public cloud
  • Safety and security of cyber-world

Governance and Services on Demand

  • Seamless integration of services across all departments
  • Entitlement to all citizens to be portable and available on the cloud
  • Leveraging Geo Information Systems (GIS) for decision support development
  • Digital transformation of services for easing of doing business
  • Making financial transactions cashless
  • Real time availability of services online

Digital Empowerment of Citizens

  • Digital literacy for all
  • Digital platform development for better governance
  • Availability of digital resources / services in Indian languages
  • Ease in submitting documents to government when needed
  • Accessibility of digital resources to all

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